Mixing your Drinks

Mixed Drinks

When people are new in their business a common mistake they make is to “Mix their Drinks”.  By that phrase I mean mixing their product story with their business story in the same conversation or event.

One of my clients called me recently to ask for some advice along this line.  She was concerned because she had been invited to instruct a group of people in a series of lessons.  She is an expert in her field, but since she is new to her MLM company she wanted to bring her up-line to the meeting with the hope that the topic of the MLM product would surface and hopefully lead to a sale.  This is what I mean by mixing drinks.  Thankfully her up-line refused to go along–but because my client is tenacious, she chose to call me for advice.

After carefully listening to the situation, I agreed with the up-line, who made the correct decision in the situation.  Mixing a class with a product can work in some situations, but in this one the timing was all wrong.  The class was an introductory class which my client can instruct blindfolded.  She didn’t need her up-line to come along for moral support. And how would the client have felt about having this unknown person along at the meeting?  My client had not considered this either.

I regularly attend MLM opportunity meetings so I can help my clients.  It is at these meetings that I meet their up-line mentors, learn more about their product and compensation plan, and keep my finger on the pulse of the industry.  One thing I see very often is someone at the front of the room spending a ton of time on recruiting everyone present without asking the audience a single question about why they are there.  I often leave in a state of confusion about the focus of the meeting.  I hear a lot about the product, and a lot about the opportunity, but nothing that connects that to me.  In other words, I find nothing there to help me “connect the dots” between why I came and what I should do next.  Rarely does the leadership approach me and ask me about me.

I wonder, don’t they want to know why I came?

A better approach is to keep the focus of the meeting singular.  That is, in an opportunity event, focus on the opportunity.  You will have to briefly cover the product information so the audience knows what they would or could be selling, but keep the focus on the opportunity. Focus on the business model, industry information, your niche’ market, and the compensation.  Leave some time for people to ask questions.

If you are doing a product meeting, then focus on the product and lightly mention at the end that there is a business opportunity here for those who might be interested, then offer to stay a bit longer to answer those questions individually.

I encourage all readers to try this method and see if the results are better.  I welcome your comments after you have tried it out.


About dotconnectorcarole

Carole Warga is the most experienced Licensed Field Trainer with Ri Training, in Colorado. She is the top producer nationwide and has developed the largest training organization in the company. She has been married for 22 years and is the mother of one child age 12. First introduced to Network Marketing in 1977, right out of high school, she worked in corporate America as an Administrative and Legal Assistant for many years before becoming a stay-at-home mom. She is the former President and CEO of the Rocky Mtn Resume Company, which she founded during the early 1990’s when the unemployment rate was in the double digits all across North America. She is a product of the Ri Training products and leads her team by example. Carole started her own personal development journey with Ri Training in 2008 and has grown the Colorado organization to over 50 Trainers in the past 10 months. She oversees Licensed Field Trainers in Colorado, Minnesota, Arizona, Missouri, Maryland and Florida. Ri Training’s personal development tools and three-step success pattern have enabled Carole to combine her love of the Network Marketing Industry with her passion for helping other people realize their dreams and achieve their desired goals. Carole doesn’t just teach you what to do, she shows you how to do it… faster than you ever thought possible! With a heart of gold and extraordinary support, Carole helps you to become the effective, powerful person you were born to be!
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