Choose Your Habits

One of my mentors says “You don’t choose your future, you choose your habits, and your habits determine your future.”

When I consider that statement, I wonder does that transfer into my business? Does it transfer into my relationships? Does it affect my family ties?  The answer, a resounding YES.

Since this blog is about business, let’s connect some dots along the lines of habits and business.  I work with people involved in Direct Sales and Network Marketing (aka the MLM industry).  This is an industry where relationships with other people are often disrupted because of poor habits.

In the MLM industry it is essential that individuals become effective at building solid and lasting relationships with people.  From these relationships business transactions often occur.

Here is an example:  I recently spoke with one of my friends who is involved in this industry.  This individual has traveled many roads in the personal development journey over the last ten years.  I have silently watched as our friendship turned into a business relationship, and painfully into a constant commercial.  You see my friend has not learned the habit of being a friend.  My friend has replaced friendship communications with business commercials.  I can no longer have a conversation with this person, I must just sit and listen to the commercial and then the meeting is over.

Maybe you have never experienced this, but in my business I see it every day. This behavior damages relationships, no matter which side of the situation you are on.  I no longer seek that person’s advice and counsel as I once did because while I desire constructive feedback, I also want to know that the relationship is intact.

In business we need to have the HABIT of connecting with people.  It is one of the 50 skills that I teach and encourage.  Another HABIT we need to develop is contacting.  These two HABITS (or skills) are essential relationship skills.  But there are other HABITS which come into play as well:

  • Use of People
  • Relate-ability
  • Language
  • Listening
  • Encouragement of others
  • Service

When we connect with our friends, family, colleagues etc., we utilize all of these HABITS. How we manage our use of these HABITS determines our future success.  All of these HABITS are the underpinnings of another HABIT: Trust.  Trust is a Leadership HABIT. Trust leads us to influence and influence leads us to persuasion.

Each person aspiring to achieve the influential position of “team leader” in a network marketing company must develop the ability to build trust.  Trust causes people to follow you, but you better be trustworthy, because there are huge consequences to your relationships and your reputation if you are not. I have found that when someone truly invests their trust in me I am empowered by them to lead them anywhere I want to go.  They just follow.  This is a huge and awesome responsibility to carry. When you are a leader operating in the “TRUST FACTOR” you can empower or destroy, so you must be held accountable by your HABITS–Because your Habits determine your future.

To determine your personal effectiveness in these HABITS and others take the Personal Effectiveness Profile Assessment.


About dotconnectorcarole

Carole Warga is the most experienced Licensed Field Trainer with Ri Training, in Colorado. She is the top producer nationwide and has developed the largest training organization in the company. She has been married for 22 years and is the mother of one child age 12. First introduced to Network Marketing in 1977, right out of high school, she worked in corporate America as an Administrative and Legal Assistant for many years before becoming a stay-at-home mom. She is the former President and CEO of the Rocky Mtn Resume Company, which she founded during the early 1990’s when the unemployment rate was in the double digits all across North America. She is a product of the Ri Training products and leads her team by example. Carole started her own personal development journey with Ri Training in 2008 and has grown the Colorado organization to over 50 Trainers in the past 10 months. She oversees Licensed Field Trainers in Colorado, Minnesota, Arizona, Missouri, Maryland and Florida. Ri Training’s personal development tools and three-step success pattern have enabled Carole to combine her love of the Network Marketing Industry with her passion for helping other people realize their dreams and achieve their desired goals. Carole doesn’t just teach you what to do, she shows you how to do it… faster than you ever thought possible! With a heart of gold and extraordinary support, Carole helps you to become the effective, powerful person you were born to be!
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